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Copy Day Rates

Let’s get some stuff done.

Half Day $1299

We’ve got 180 minutes to come up with a load of new content ideas, deep dive into some copy that isn’t working, rough outline a case study or white-paper, start thinking about a messaging guide, refresh a piece of content or do an audit of your entire site at a leisurely pace.

Full Day $2399

360 glorious minutes. We’ll start with a call, outline objectives for the day and get to work. Focus on one thing (a thorough site audit, content brainstorming, thinking about messaging/tone-of-voice or outlining a major piece of content) or choose a mix of copywriting, coaching and strategy.

If you need some work done urgently and can’t find a place on my calendar, send me a messagewith as much detail about the project as you can. Sometimes there’s a little wiggle room in the schedule.

What you get

  • any collateral we agreed would be produced by the end of the day. Please note that no collateral is guaranteed and whatever is produced will need editing before it is published. I’m all about ideas and broad strokes

  • a recording of all of our conversations, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes while we’re in the flow.

  • a document listing all the things you need to do or find out in the order you need to do them

  • a list of resources I think might be useful.

How it works

When you sign up for a session, I’ll ask you fill out a short form that will give me a good idea of what you want to accomplish in the time. This is especially important when it’s our first time working together.

We don’t create anything from scratch in these sessions but rather build on the material you’ve either created already or have on hand.

Depending on what the task is for the day, we might spend the whole have day on Zoom or agree on what needs to be done and then work separately until the next check-in.

Terms & Conditions

  • All bookings are non-refundable, but they are transferrable.

  • If you realise more than 72 hours before you won’t be able to make the appointment on the day scheduled you can change the appointment to a more suitable time.

  • The appointment cannot be rescheduled if you cancel less than 72 hours before the scheduled time.

  • Time booked and not used within 60 days of the original booking is forfeited.