Making boring words interesting since 2005.


I’m Marcia and I do words. Sometimes also ballet.

Me. In an old school photobooth in Berlin.

Me. In an old school photobooth in Berlin.


I’m Marcia Adair and I’m a Canadian copy coach and writer living in Cologne, a mercifully Lederhosenfrei city in the west of Germany. The football team has a goat called Hennes for a mascot and flirts regularly with relegation, but no matter. In Cologne, there’s no problem that can’t be solved by a beer and a chat.

But back to me. I have two degrees in French Horn performance. This is a ridiculous thing to do with your life, but I don’t regret it for a second. In aid of actually earning a living, I’ve spend the last 15 years writing copy and advising on marketing strategy for more clients than I can count.

Brag list: O2, Royal Bank of Scotland, British Telecom, World Vision, Sony, Lufthansa and dozens of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I’ve also ghostwritten 16 non-fiction books and have had more than 250 pieces published in outlets like the LA Times, Economist, Financial Times and Time Out New York.

Now over to you. You need boring words made interesting and complicated words made clear. That’s what I do best.

No matter how obscure your nerd niche is, we’ll find a way in.

Your customers will too.




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